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Welcome to PanList Subscriptions Page
   欢迎来到 PanList 订阅页面

The PanList subscriptions are lists of filters designed for Pan that automatically remove unwanted content from the internet and switching pr-oxy to browse the overseas website.

PanList 订阅是一系列的订阅列表,专门设计用于自动去除网页中不想要的内容和切换呆-梨浏览蔷#外网站。

How To Subscribe

To subscribe the lists, just click the following link as follow.


Note: The links listed below allow you to select subscriptions for use in your browser provided that you are using the Firefox add-on Adblock Plus or Pan, the Chrome equivalent Adblock Plus for Chrome or the Opera equivalent Adblock Plus for Opera.

注意:以下链接允许您为您的浏览器中的下列插件添加订阅列表: 火狐浏览器扩展 Adblock PlusPan, 谷歌 Chrome 浏览器的同类扩展 Adblock Plus for Chrome 或者 Opera 浏览器的同类扩展 Adblock Plus for Opera

Firef0x AdBlock List

Firef0x AdBlock List is the subscription that removes adverts from webpages, including unwanted widgets, images and objects. It is a supplement of the EasyList China, Diablo AdFilters and cjxlist.

Firef0x 广告过滤列表是一份去除网页广告的订阅规则。它作为 EasyList ChinaDiablo AdFilterscjxlist 的一份补充。

GFWList Plus

GFWList Plus is the subscription that switches the pro-xy to browse the overseas website. It is a supplement of the GFWList.

GFWList Plus 呆-梨列表是一份切换呆-梨浏览蔷#外网站的订阅规则。它作为 GFWList 的一份补充。

Authors and Contributors

GFWList Plus is developed from @Wllmw's GFWList Plus.

GFWList Plus 由 @WllmwGFWList Plus 发展而来。

Firef0x AdBlock List picks some rules from fanboy, MonztA, Famlam and Khrin's EasyPrivacy.

Firef0x AdBlock List 从 fanboy, MonztA, Famlam 及 Khrin 的 EasyPrivacy 中摘取了某些规则。

GFWList is mirrored by @523860169 and @calfzhou.

GFWList 由 @523860169@calfzhou 作镜像。

PanList is maintained by @Firef0x.

PanList 由 @Firef0x 维护。